Donald Trump Names Pick to Head Department of VA


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          January 11, 2017: Less than 10 minutes in to today's press conference, President Elect Donald Trump named Dr. David Shulkin as his pick for Secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs.

          Shulkin has headed President Obama's Veterans Health Administration since 2015 as the Department of Veterans Affairs' current Under Secretary of Health.

          As the VA reports, the Veterans Health Administration serves 8.76 million veterans each year, and is also the nation’s largest provider of graduate medical education and major contributor of medical research. Dr. Shulkin currently oversees the VA's health system that employs over 300,000.

          Dr. David Shulkin already passed Senate confirmation for his current position as Under Secretary of Health, and has a good chance to gain Senate approval as President Elect Trump's VA Secretary.

          With a nominee for Secretary of the VA named, Donald Trump only has his yet to name his Secretary of Agriculture.

          After advocating for the reform minded retiring Chairman of the House VA Committee to head the Department, the Center for American Homeless Veterans is uneasy about the prospect of a member of the current administration heading the troubled Department.

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