Miller Touted as Most Suited Person to Address Fraud at VA

Vets' Group Deems Retiring Vets Committee Chair Miller as Best Choice to Help 22 Million Veterans



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          The nationwide Center for American Homeless Veterans (est. 1993) has declared it emphatically supports that the retiring Chair of the House Veterans’ Affairs Committee, Congressman Jeff Miller (R, FL) be nominated as the Secretary of the nearly hopelessly embattled Department of Veterans’ Affairs. 

          “With my 23 years in veterans’ politics, I cannot think of another human being who is more suited to confront, dismantle and reform the institutional fraud of the VA than Chairman Jeff Miller,” said MAJ Brian Hampton INF USAR (ret) President of the organization.

          “Chairman Miller has the demonstrated insight and commitment to repair the age old morass bringing misery and worse to many of our 22 million American Veterans. He has the determination and courage to do what no one else has done, which is to fire the slackers, so the others will take heed and do their job.”

Veterans Deserted and Forsaken

          The curse of the VA incompetence and inaction has left an untold number of American Veterans not only behind, but dead before their time:

*22 veterans commit suicide a day; only counting those who leave a note;

*800,000 veterans are waiting for a response on their disability claims; and

*About 100,000 homeless vets on the streets during course of a year.

2,000,000 Reports of VA Scandals

          Amazingly, some otherwise well informed people have not gotten the word about the shame and outrage that is the VA. A Google search of VA scandals reveals over two million news reports of the endless, mindless ineptitude:

“300,000 Veterans May Have Died Waiting for VA Health Care”

“Shredded Disability Claims leads to over 200 Day Wait Time at VA”

“VA Hotline Missed 40,500 Opportunities to Help Homeless Vets”

“Convicted of Armed Robbery, VA Employee Rehired With Back Pay”

“Veteran Found Dead in VA Facility Shower That Had Run for Nine Hours”

         Countless GAO investigations have found that the VA squanders billions of dollars by not properly negotiating for procurement services and squanders billions more because the bureaucrats fail to properly file claim forms to collect fees due from insurance companies.

Record of Miller Distinction

          Chairman Miller has relentlessly confronted the malfeasance within the $180 billion budgeted VA with nearly 350,000 employees, the second largest of all federal departments. He has instituted and supported:

*The VA Accountability Watch, focusing on deaths, infectious diseases and construction delays;

*The VA Honesty Project which highlights the lack of transparency with the press and public with its malingering activities;

*VA Employee Accountability, focusing oversight and legislation on measures to make it easier to demote any employees based on misconduct

          Because of the separation of powers rooted in our constitution and because the VA can really only be rehabilitated from within, the one single act that can most drastically improve the lives of millions of veterans, is to have Congressman Jeff Miller nominated and confirmed as the new Secretary of the VA.

          Established in 1993, the Center for American Homeless Veterans has sponsored 196 program/rallies around the nation, highlighting local facilities for homeless veterans, earning massive earned media and drawing over 100 Members of Congress to address the crowds.

A program of CAHV, the nationwide Veterans Vision Publication also established in 1993 has featured original articles done for it by U. S. Presidents, 20 presidential appointees from the Department of Defense, 17 Cabinet Secretaries and over 140 Members of Congress. Tens of thousands of the publication have been personally handed out at every national every major party national convention since 1996.



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