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 As a national organization, the Center for American Homeless Veterans raises awareness and increases public advocacy for homeless veterans across the country. In conjunction with VETERANS' VISION, a national publication that reaches over 80,000 readers, the Center continues to present solutions to the challenges facing America's veterans.  

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The Veterans' Vision Publication



Since 1993, Center for American Homeless Veterans has published and distributed the nationwide VETERANS' VISION publication.

The current edition includes original articles from the Majority and Minority Leaders of the U.S. Senate, the Attorney General of the United States, sitting Governors being speculated to be running for President in 2016, eight U.S. Senators, 25 Members and candidates for Congress, as well as national policy and veteran advocates.

More than 100 members of Congress have contributed original articles, as have Military Service Secretaries, including the Secretary of Defense and more than one dozen Cabinet Secretaries.

Free to the public, and with a distribution as high as 80,000, VETERANS' VISION focuses on the dedication and experience of America's leaders on the challenges facing the country, particularly homeless and American veterans, while offering solutions for positive change.

VETERANS' VISION is distributed nationwide in convenience stores, (like 7-11 and Circle K) at national political conventions and is delivered to all 535 offices occupied by members of Congress.

Since 1996, VETERANS' VISION has been the only publication physically handed out at both the Democratic and Republican national conventions. Tens of thousands of the publications have also been delivered to each and every delegate hotel, every day for the duration of each convention. Click on the picture to visit the Veterans' Vision Website!

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