VSS Brings Hope & Salvation for Forgotten Heroes

Transitional Facility Shines Beacon of Hope & Sets the Ultimate Standard for Keystone State

Immediate Release: 03/30/2017

Contact: Benjamin Peoples

          Some non-profits have bankers and CEOs on their Boards of Directors. If there is the need for an emergency fund drive, the Directors can be counted on to raise a few million dollars from their friends in a matter of weeks.

          Victory Support Services (VSS), based in a downtrodden four story row house in a depressed area of Philadelphia, is not so lucky. A community based group, VSS lives hand to mouth and by its wits; yet its work is truly uplifting.

Homeless Dumped on Sidewalk 

         During the course of a week, the sidewalk in front of Victory Support Services is a busy place. Disabled veterans, homeless, and ill indigents from all over south eastern Pennsylvania are frequently and summarily dropped off at the curb in front of VSS. 

          Rescue vans, dispatched by the organization around Philadelphia, regularly return with the destitute and ailing people society has left to live on the streets.

          One resident is a Navy Veteran who is lucky to be alive. He was working on a battleship’s boiler with six other men when it exploded in front of them; he was the only one to survive. In spite of his severely disabling injuries, this veteran has found a permanent home at Victory Support Services.

          Founded in 2006, Victory Support Services has provided low or no cost home and community-based home care services to over 2000 people living with physical or developmental disabilities, which require extensive personal assistance and respite care services.

Surviving By Their Wits 

         The organization runs an assisted care residential facility, without assistance. The Victory House is funded through a combination of government housing vouchers and donations from private citizens.

          John Scarborough is the founder and director of Victory Support Services. A 1985 honors graduate of Valley Forge Military Academy, Scarborough served as a Company Commander, commanding over 84 cadets between the ages of 14-29 in his senior year. With over 25 years of professional experience in opening and operating homeless shelters and coordinating necessary transitional programs.

          Director John Scarborough reflected on the impact Victory House is having, “From now on that person who is blind, they have someone to help them; that person who is an amputee now has someone to help them; that person who has cognitive disabilities now has someone to help them take their medicine...”

          The Center for American Homeless Veterans (CAHV) is a 501(c)(4) organization which supports homeless veterans and over 350 non-profit facilities which help to transition them back into society.

          CAHV put this release together to spread word of the good work done by Victory Support Services. The goal of this release is for media outlets to interview John Scarborough, and spread awareness of VSS to those in need, and members of the public who can support them.

Call for Interview for Your News Coverage 

         John Scarborough is available for an interview by phone at 215-328-2938, and can be reached by e-mail at victoryshelter@aol.com. John spends every day on the front lines, doing work unlike any other homeless facility in Philadelphia. He will give a vivid, heart wrenching interview, which will make for a very compelling story.

          John Scarborough is able to talk about all of the work his organization does, from housing to home care. Several of the residents of Victory House require 24 hour medical attention, and most are unable to perform the activities of daily living we take for granted. Victory Support Services personal care aides provide physical assistance with activities include bathing, dressing, toileting, and eating.

          Victory Support Services offers housing and home care services to those who would otherwise be unable to afford them. The maladies Victory House’s residents face are often times permanent, and Mr. Scarborough’s program is their only option for receiving the care they cannot live without.

          In most of their residents’ cases, they do not have the personal funds to cover the cost of their care, and there simply isn’t public funding to help these individuals. To boot, Victory Support Services often operates at a loss.

How You Can Help 

         If you would like to do your part to support the homeless and disabled people who rely on the critical care Victory Support Services offers, you can donate to them by clicking here, or entering this URL in your browser: https://www.razoo.com/story/5drgbf.

     Since 1993, the Center for American Homeless Veterans has harnessed the power of the media to rally public support on behalf of American Veterans. CAHV has sponsored 196 programs and forums, with well over 100 Members of Congress speaking at its events. The Center for American Homeless Veterans has supported local homeless veteran transitional facilities by organizing and conducting programs for public support in their local areas, as well as through earned media. 

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